Here we are, back with the second installment of SAW IT. AM IT. A series of conversations hosted by Shannon Crowe featuring some of the brilliant creative leaders Shannon met at Cannes Lions SEE IT BE IT program in 2017. 

Today’s guest is Lizi Hamer.

The Drum named Lizi as one of the world’s most creative women, Cannes Lions selected her in the top 15 female creative directors globally, she co-Authored Creative Super Powers, Co-founded SisuGirls, and continues to build the SheSays Community. 

Lizi earns attention through her StoryHunting techniques, a powerful network of collaborators, novel thinking and a belief that creativity can change the world.

From carting half a tonne of prawns into the desert to re-launch a beer and designing the first Lego character with ears to challenging masculinity in Australia and getting 500,000 people in Asia to touch music, Lizi’s creativity is as contagious as it is impactful.

Her campaigns have brought a blind man’s world to life, changed law, and won awards for impact, storytelling, and craft, leading Lizi to be labeled as one of the most creative Women in the World.



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