Welcome to the first episode of SAW IT. AM IT. A series of conversations hosted by Shannon Crowe featuring some of the wonderful creative leaders Shannon met at Cannes Lions SEE IT BE IT program in 2017. Today’s guest is Maria Milusheva.

Maria is Creative Director & Partner at Noble Graphics. Working in advertising since 2005 (17 years and counting!) Maria joins us on The Imposterous as she prepares to head off on maternity leave. We’re so thankful to be talking to Maria today. 

For the past 12 years Maria has been developing ideas for some of the biggest beer brands. Her favorite business idea is turning a small local brand into No1 beer in Bulgaria, all without a single shot of male friendship or anyone saying ‘cheers’. Quite a feat huh!

Zooming in from Bulgaria, one of the oldest countries in Europe and the only European country that hasn’t changed its name since the year it was established, Maria reminds us Bulgaria ranks first in the world in terms of women’s participation in the communication and information technology sector. BUT when it comes to personal life, no official statistics are being gathered and released in Bulgaria about violence against women. One of the many contradictions and challenges that keeps Maria fighting the good fight for women in advertising and all the women of Bulgaria.



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