Dan Nelken is a Creative’s Creative. 

Saying this exposes the fact we haven’t read Dan’s book, ‘A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters’. If we had we would have written something far more original and spent a lot less time sweating the unavoidable mediocrity of it. 

Anyway, Dan Nelken is an active advertising creative who works on the world’s biggest brands and up-and-coming start-ups. His work has appeared in award shows nationally, internationally, and on his mother’s fridge. He’s spent many years winging the creative process and is now dedicating his life to understanding it, so he can help creative companies and creative people think faster and healthier (and that includes himself). His weekly newsletter hits 6000 Creatives’ inboxes and is saving a bunch of us from feeling totally lost for words and confidence. His online learning course, ‘Writing Under Pressure’ is proving the difference between – ‘the client wants more options and the client can’t pick a favourite’ – Matt Cascarino CCO, FARM.

Early in this episode we meet Alan – a 6 year old pant’s wetter and the ding-dong voice in Dan Nelken’s head. According to Imposterous illustrator Camilo Suarez (@brostalobo) this is what Alan looks like.



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