David Smith is a creative thinker of international standing. Founded Blood UTD in 2016 – an agency that began life with a focus on doing the best work in the space of sport and fitness. But has since evolved to focus on good companies – by good, we mean companies that are focused on generating profit in a manner that is fair and sustainable. This is not about strident wokeness or ardent moralising, but rather the belief that profit and decency don’t need to be divergent forces, that there is a path forward where you can make money without messing things up. 

Joining David on this episode of The Imposterous is Regina Stoombergin and Julia Spencer aka M.I.A aka Mums in Ads. MIA who is still the most exclusive club in advertising! But the good news is they want you! All you need to do is

  1. Be a mum
  2. Be in the industry and
  3. Find the bloody time to squeeze one more thing in.

Mums In Ads will be on the rooftop at the Corner Hotel in Richmond on Thursday 29 September from 6pm. So if you’re in Melbourne, an Adland mum of whatever sort (hey, we don’t discriminate), join them for a drink.



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